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Title: Using technologies for teaching English
Authors: Chimrov, Anton
Keywords: modern technologies; implementation; introducing
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Томский политехнический университет
Citation: Chimrov A. V. Using technologies for teaching English / A. V. Chimrov // Journal of Economics and Social Sciences. — 2019. — № 15. — [4 p.].
Abstract: This paper studies today's role of modern technologies for teaching and learning English as a foreign language. There are too many kinds of technologies (some of them are obsolete). Thus, we should try to classify and choose technologies that are more suitable for learning English and try to find out what advantages or disadvantages they have. In addition, there is quite an important question that is considered in this paper: what barriers and obstacles for implementing modern technologies we have now and how we can overcome them. In conclusion, we are going to offer ways of developing technologies for learning English.
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